WTF is this site?

Astroyka Music

If you arrived here because I shared something, Welcome! If you’re here as a random find, welcome too, hope you all find something you like!

OK! OK! After numerous direct messages, mails and questions I think its best I explain what this site is all about. It’s pretty simple. I love music (who doesn’t?).

For a while I’ve been sharing tracks, mixes and artists via social media, to the point where I was losing track of who/what I shared and also forgetting why I shared them. So, this is my space for saving those shares, nicely catalogued and organised (yep, I’m a bit OCD) for posterity.

I have a wide range of music tastes, everything from Motown, Jazz, Rock through to EDM and modern experimental genres. I’m not a DJ (well, I do have a set of Technics 1210’s and a Pioneer DDJ-SX2) nor am I producer or promoter (unless this website counts as promotion!). I’m just some random dude who loves music and likes to share it.

I work in the Audio industry (but that’s super secret) and have serious Audiophile tendencies. Lossless, or go home.
If you like this site, the stuff I share or whatever, feel free to follow me on Twitter @Astroyka (I don’t do Faceache, its bad, no, truly it is.), you could even suggest music I should try!

Feel free to comment on what I post/share, I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Whats with all the EvE Online crap? Well, its a game you see (which I’ve been playing for over 8 years) and Astroyka is my in-game character. It’s the most awesome space game ever created and Internet Spaceships are serious business, so if you’re into that kind of thing go give it a try! I do have a separate blog for my EvE stuff, if you want to partake in reading that too.

Happy listening!

~ Astroyka

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